But We Would Be Hollow

Hey there! I'm Breana. Welcome to my blog!

Fat-Lover, Fat Positive, Feedee, Vegetarian, designer, crafter.

This blog is body positive because all bodies rock!

Going to MassArt for jewelry and metalsmithing.


Andre Wee

André Wee is a twenty three year old Illustrator, Photographer and Visual artist from Singapore. After 2 years of service in the military, jumping out of planes and living in jungles, he currently finds himself back in school, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where he is still sleep deprived from work but very oddly happy.

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Freckle appreciation post.

See also: Why you should all help Sami get a new camera!


so it snowed earlier today and was 80 degrees yesterday?  I dunno what’s up with Kentucky but I guess I’ll just wear tights when this happens

Top ~ Forever21+ (3x)
Shorts ~ Torrid (26)
Tights ~ Catherines (5/6x)
Shoes ~ Journeys (11)
Brooches ~ theTinyHobo via Etsy
Ring ~ Etsy
Purse ~ Titinastore via Etsy

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"guess since im a white man im not allowed to have opinions"

your opinions have shaped the world we live in today not being catered to for 83.9 seconds will not fuckin kill you

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yes good

Ugh, how I wish to prepare and serve this many meals for a special someone *blush* ❤️

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They use Twitter like my parents use text “I heart Scully” OmiGOD

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what’s Whitney Houston’s favorite type of coordination?


i hate this i hate u 

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